The Sport Governing Body for Karate in Ontario

Our Mission

To create and maintain a supportive and nurturing environment that will enable and inspire the karate community in Ontario.

Our Mission

Karate Ontario is focused on improving the promotion and accessibility of the sport to its members and to the general public.

Karate Ontario aims to improve participation at the entry-level, enhance its development programs for athletes, coaches, and officials, and to be recognized for the excellence of our members at all levels of the sport.

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Register your dojo as well as your students and become a member of the leading governing body of sport karate in Ontario.

Providing Equal Opportunity

Karate Ontario is aiming to provide an opportunity for all its members. Regardless of gender, race, abilities and more.

-Karate Ontario Board of Directors

Proud Member of Karate Canada

Karate Ontario is a proud member of the National Sports Organization, Karate Canada.


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NCCP Certified

Become certified under the National Coaching Certification Program.

Licensed Officials

Participate in our regular clinics to become a licensed official.

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